Chapters E​.​P

by hAND

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Our first self recorded demos.


released July 1, 2005


all rights reserved




hAND are a 4 piece progressive / alternative metal band from Sussex, England. They produce "Musical fusion that is quite breathtaking" (Second City UK) combining elements of progressive rock and metal with gothic undertones.

Their third album "Kintsugi" is due for release early 2014 through Brutal Elite Records.
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Track Name: Paint
Paint the wood a lighter colour
Open the curtains bring in the flowers

Bats may hide in darkened corners
No excuse to shade this drawing

Streaks of red sink into the sky
Patches of ink have bled and dry

Smear the black along the bottom
Sign your name and wait for morning

Would you die in a bass note if I played you
Would you run out of ink if I wrote too soon
Would you shiver inside if I hold you
Would you die in a bass note
Track Name: Do You Know
Winter sunshine casting down
These lukewarm rays
Not strong enough to dilute
These freezing cold days
Of confusion and window panes
That's not easy to resolve
In simple ways

Do you remember
Do you know what I'm here for
Do you know how to treat me
Because I don't think you do
Do you know what I need from you

It's so easy for you to walk away
From this situation you have made
Nothing seems to bother you
Although I presume too soon
This is just my point of view
However skewed

And now you're praying for the storm
To kill your conscience
But the lightening only strikes you down

A thunderclap rolls by
You never wondered why
You never knew my secret
That I would turn out better
Than you would ever be
Than you would ever see me
Track Name: Pockets for Sockets
Trusting this
Depending on that
Every little thing
Seems too big to attack
Holding on
To this fragile web
Of shadows and words
Best left unsaid

Too afraid to talk
Too afraid to say
These reactions you can't contain

For too long you've hidden away
From your self from your help
And now it's over and now it's done
And now it's too late to run

Backed into a corner
You look away
Too scared to face this mirror
Because there's no change
In your pockets in your sockets
And they're as empty as you are
And they're as deep as you feel
You fell again
From this height of which
You can't come down

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