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The sophomore album from the prog metal trio - featuring 9 brand new tracks. Released on Femme Metal Records and Brutal Elite Records, the album was recorded at Philia Studios and produced by Nick Hemingway. Once again high praise was given to the band for this release.


released June 6, 2011


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hAND are a 4 piece progressive / alternative metal band from Sussex, England. They produce "Musical fusion that is quite breathtaking" (Second City UK) combining elements of progressive rock and metal with gothic undertones.

Their third album "Kintsugi" is due for release early 2014 through Brutal Elite Records.
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Track Name: Song Number B
Trepidation becomes the unaware
Falsify these images
And brand yourself a liar
Never again shall I be the first
To smother inclination

A rebel without a reason
Is no rebel at all
Just and angry shell of loneliness

Captivate yourself and cause a reaction
Chemical processes streaming through your veins

A night time tether to forgotten reveries
Trick your wandering consciousness
Track Name: The Pier
The relentless patter
The howls and the light
Seemingly unbroken
For night after night

Awakened again
By the same lions roaring
The ink of my pen
It insists on imploring

The riotous noise
The keen troposphere
Drifting in solitary
Once again over the

Drifting in solitary
Once again over the pier
Track Name: Mimicry
Join us in the fight
Join us and recite

We are the fallen
Destined here to stand
Brave words are no match
For the legacy we uphold

To stand among us
Your worth must be proven
Raise the battle weary limbs

Trophies are worn
But never kept
As silence descends
Over the echoes
Track Name: Flee
I can’t stand it here
Through practice or design
Seek a surgeon
Deconstruct my fate
Lay it out across the line

Flee into the heaviness
Of borrowed earth and elm
Strike two for yes
Or silence be kept
Inside his honours realm

Moisture forges a mask
While inside my eyes there is burning
Scorch the bark and fallen sky

Carried on the air
Auras identified in memory
Turn to search to follow

Finally aghast
A scene so familiar
Unchanged in beauty
I’m home
Track Name: Supersonic
Treachery aims to calm the storm
Inhibitions rise as the curtains fall

Wandering cold alone and bare
A single touch is never fair
Longing for that all embracing throw
Let the heavens die
And the demons bestow
The lushness of thought
The taste of eventide
A tryst beneath the dappled bracken lies

Feel the friction fly
Feel the subtleties exploding
Trace the supersonic flow over your body
Trace the fervour inside your mind
Track Name: Fate Sewn On
Ending up on the run
A quick glance over
Can you hear them chasing

A sanctuary or a cell
A lack of oxygen to the brain
Playing shadows
Playing frames

They are after us
To take our lives
Seeking right for wrong
For acts that cannot be
Track Name: DB Blue
They say this is the only life you’ll ever have
Not to waste the precious time we are given

How little do they observe
Can’t they see we are
Self deceiving of the life we’ll never lead

A fake promise destined to lie
A true smile expecting to ask why
Then it hits you
So hard in the face

Can’t they see
We are self deceiving
Of the life we’ll never
Track Name: Re-Animation
Do you run and hide
Do you stay and deny
As one navigating
As one

To say your living free
Is a true hypocrisy
Of faith soul and body

A denial so sour
The taste is almost sweet
A reflection so misshapen
I can’t believe it’s me

Standing alone
Unable to pass
On this choice

The melancholy always ensues
A scream an action a voice
Chaos and colour
During the wax and wane
The silence the calm the stain

To strive for the unreachable
To live

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